It is that time of year again to start taking steps to protect your diesel-powered equipment from harsh winter weather. Cenex® Wintermaster® Winterized Premium Diesel Fuel is exactly what you need. Wintermaster delivers the serious weather protection your diesel engines need all while optimizing power and engine performance — as low as -30 degrees F — and provides improved protection of vital engine parts. In fact, Wintermaster provides up to 5% more power and better fuel efficiency than other No. 1 blends.*

Plus, like all Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels, Wintermaster is enhanced with special additives designed for new diesel engines.  These advanced additives help prevent common problems associated with using standard diesel, including injector failure, clogged filters, reduced efficiency, power loss, poor starting, closely repairs and even engine failures.

Cenex Wintermaster benefits include:

  • Advanced performance additive for extreme-low-temperature operability, to –30° F.
  • De-icers and demulsifiers to reduce moisture related problems
  • Improved fuel economy by as much as 5%
  • Improved power up to 5%
  • A high cetane number, typically 47-49, for quicker, more fuel-efficient starts
  • Aggressive detergents that clean the fuel system and maintain clean injectors for optimum engine performance.
  • Superior lubricity for longer injector and pump life, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Fuel stabilizers to reduce gum and varnish buildup
  • We recommend Wintermaster over other winterized fuels. That’s because many winterized diesel fuels rely on high levels of No. 1 diesel (kerosene), which has less power and lower lubricity.

You’ll also be happy to know that if your agricultural equipment is enrolled in the Cenex® Total Protection Plan™ warranty program, you can use Wintermaster as your Cenex premium fuel — giving you great winter performance along with your great warranty protection.


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