the Cooperative Way

Our Mission

The Mission of Cooperative Energy Company is to provide excellent products and services in a safe environment that will enhance the profitability of both the patron and the company.

Why Co-op?

Co-ops exist to benefit the people who use the coop’s services, rather than to generate profits for outside investors. According to the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives, the average farmers who belong to a supply co-op earn $5,000 more per year.

Average farmers

Co-op Member
Non Member

Over 31 counties in Iowa listed one or more co-ops in their top 10 property taxpayers. A large percentage of every dollar you spend with Cooperative Energy is reinvested in you and your community.

That is the Cooperative Way.

90 Years of Excellence

Company History

  • 1933

    COOP Established

  • 1996

    Retail business purchased Thermogas

  • 2003

    Purchased East Lyon County COOP

  • 2004

    New Refined Fuels Bulk Plants erected in Sibley and Ocheyedan

  • 2006

    Acquired Nobles County COOP

  • 2006

    Renamed Cooperative Energy Company

  • 2008

    Purchased Meester Oil in Worthington, MN

  • 2010

    Acquired Lyon County Coop Oil

  • 2012

    Cooperative Energy established in Spencer, IA

  • 2013

    Acquired Boji Junction in Milford, IA

  • 2017

    Added fourth C-Store, Hartley Junction, in Hartley, IA

  • 2017

    Acquired Kunkel Tire & Service in Hartley, IA; named Hartley Junction Service Center

  • 2018

    Acquired Energy Division belonging to Cooperative Farmers Elevator

  • 2020

    Purchased Hage Oil in Lakefield, MN; named Junction 86

  • 2020

    Purchased Mini Mart in Larchwood, IA; named Wildkat Junction

  • 2022

    Purchased Blue Line Travel Center in Worthington, MN; named Blue Line Junction

Meet Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Nate Schulte, President

Doug Block, Vice President

Kyle Thomsen, Secretary

Dustin Jones, CEO 

Dave Schwaller, Greg DeBoer, Randy Vaupel, Darin Henning and Adam Hart

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