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You don’t have to know how to do everything we do to work here.
If you have the right attitude, a willingness to learn new things, and the ability to care about our 6000+ members like we do, then we’ll teach you everything you need to know to have a successful, life-long career with Cooperative Energy.

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Accounting / Administration

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: To provide the best quality customer service in an accurate and professional manner while assisting customers and members with their account questions.


  • Verify delivered gallons from LP and RF tickets
  • Enter customer payments and deposits into the bank
  • Daily reconciliation of fuel gallons at all cardtrol locations
  • Daily bookkeeping of C-store sales and receipts
  • Reconcile daily credit card receivables from all locations
  • Monthly bank reconciliation of multiple accounts
  • Enter and payment of vendor invoices
  • Enter customer billing from shop departments
  • Process monthly statements to customers

Michelle Frick, Accounting Assistant
5 years at C.E.C.
“I love to work here. The people I work with are great and the customers who come through the door every day are great…it’s never boring! This company takes good care of its people.”

Auto Technician

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Providing a wide variety of auto repair services to a wide variety of customers, taking each small job as seriously as the largest, while gaining trust from customers and earning their repeat business.

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  • Inspect vehicle engine and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accurately
  • Inspect vehicle computer and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgrade
  • Conduct routine maintenance work (replacing fluids, lubricating parts etc.) aiming to vehicle functionality and longevity
  • Schedule future maintenance sessions and advise motorists on good vehicle use
  • Repair or replace broken or dysfunctional parts and fix issues (e.g. leaks)
  • Provide accurate estimates (cost, time, effort) for a repair or maintenance job
  • Keep logs on work and issues
  • Maintain equipment and tools in good condition
  • Building lasting relationships with customers and members

Preston Shaffer, Auto Technician
23 years at C.E.C.
“What I like about my job?  Variety! It’s never the same thing every day. I started here when I was 20 years old and no two days have been the same. It’s great to be able to help our customers.”

C-store Team Member

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: To help customers get what they need quickly and to make sure they have a friendly, positive experience each time they stop at our stores.


  • Greeting and helping customers with a positive attitude
  • Creating and maintaining a positive and fun store environment
  • Operating the cash register
  • Assisting the manager with inventory duties
  • Stocking and maintaining store shelves
  • Preparing deli items such as sandwiches, wraps, pizza, etc
  • Maintaining cleanliness in kitchen and all parts of the store
  • Developing strong relationships with frequent customers
  • Keeping a watchful eye of store activity to ensure security
  • Ammie Straub, C-store Team Member, Boji Junction
    3 years at C.E.C.
    “What do I love about my job? That’s easy – the customers and my co-workers!”

Certified Energy Specialist

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: To call on area farmers and business owners and make sure they have the energy products and services they need to be more successful.


  • Build and maintain good relationships with current co-op members and customers
  • Conduct sales calls on existing and potential fuel, propane and oil prospects
  • Record sales or delivery information
  • Attend regular energy training seminars
  • Be knowledgeable of company programs, billing procedures, and monthly statement process
  • Provide customer service by using all resources available including contracting, fuel and oil testing, specific recommendations and other programs needed
  • Develop territory and competitive analysis to maintain current knowledge of the market place and the competition
  • Communicate marketing programs and distribute sales promotion materials to customers and prospects
  • Implement regular follow-up program for customer base

Scot Hermanson, Certified Energy Specialist
3 years at C.E.C.
“I enjoy working with Cooperative Energy because all day I work mobile meeting with members/farmers and commercial accounts at their place of operation to help them with their energy needs.  It is neat to help them run a more efficient operation with increasing their fuel or propane tank sizes and using quality/premium products. Also, it is rewarding qualifying customers for the Cenex® Total Protection Plan warranty on their ag equipment.”

Cenex® Lubricant Terminal Team

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Package and deliver oil for our customers and other co-ops within our service region, while using best practices to maintain strong customer relationships.


  • Assisting in managing the warehouse
  • Assisting in preparing packaged deliveries
  • Creating and managing efficient delivery routes
  • Managing inventory
  • Delivering Bulk Oil
  • Troubleshooting when on the road with deliveries

Larry De Boer, CLT Team Member
20 years of employment with CEC
“Every day is different, never tedious. I get to meet new people all the time. I’m not confined to working only indoors, I also get to work outside which is great on nice days. I travel to areas I never thought I’d see, and I’m home every night. The time I get to be alone when traveling is great; it gives me time to clear my head.”

Diesel Technician

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Helping keep our customers’ and members’ trucks on the road so that they can be successful and efficient, by providing the most reliable diesel service every day.


  • Follow a checklist of inspection procedures
  • Test drive vehicles to diagnose malfunctions
  • Read and interpret diagnostic test results from diagnostic equipment
  • Inspect brake systems, steering mechanisms, transmissions, engines, and other parts of vehicles
  • Do routine maintenance, such as changing oil, checking batteries, and lubricating equipment and parts
  • Repair or replace malfunctioning components, parts, and other mechanical or electrical equipment
  • Test-drive vehicles to ensure that they run smoothly after major repair
  • Providing DOT inspection service
  • Developing strong relationships with customers by earning their trust through repeat customer satisfaction

Dan Liechti, Diesel Technician
13 years at C.E.C.
“There are two things I really like about my job and it’s the variety and the people. We all have great relationships with the people we serve, and in the diesel shop, you’re doing something different every day.”

Human Resources and Payroll

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Ensuring that Cooperative Energy is compliant with government rules and regulations and making certain that employees are paid on time and that their benefits are current.


  • Conduct safety meetings
  • Follow up with each location to make certain OSHA regulations are followed
  • Meet new employees and go through orientation with them
  • Advise location managers on issues pertaining to employees
  • Assist and advise the company’s CEO and CFO with new regulations
  • Travel to different locations and talk with employees to learn what makes their jobs enjoyable, and to try to resolve any complaints they may have
  • Keep accurate records of time sheets
  • Transfer employee’s pay to our bank

Debbie Schilling, HR/Payroll Manager
3 years of employment with CEC
“Every day is different, something you rarely hear from someone who works in an office environment. I’m able to get out of my office and talk with the employees every day. I know all 100 employees by name, not just their employee number, and their family members. I celebrate with our employees during good times, and I sympathize with them during the bad times. The most rewarding part of my job is assisting employees and watching them reach their goals.”

Marketing / Communications

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: To let the world now about our great company and all of the services and high-quality products we provide, so that our business can grow!


  • Assisting Senior Management in developing branding strategies
  • Traveling to C-store locations and assisting with the managers’ marketing ideas
  • Managing company social media pages
  • Maintaining company website
  • Writing ads for radio, TV, print and more
  • Developing content for company newsletters
  • Developing and managing company promotions and contests
  • Developing monthly email campaigns
  • Taking photos to use for different marketing purposes
  • Event planning and more!

Hilary Halverson, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Propane Delivery Specialist

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: To meet and exceed members’ and customers’ expectations daily by providing the best propane delivery service in the area. To provide service, service, SERVICE with a smile!


  • Making Propane deliveries to our members and customers
  • Keeping track of degree days and delivery cards up to date
  • Participating in regular trainings
  • Following strict safety regulations and practicing safety daily
  • Responding to a propane leak immediately
  • Receiving customer orders by cell phone or from the office
  • When making deliveries inspecting the system for any unsafe conditions
  • Recording all deliveries properly with the right information
  • Routing yourself to maximize efficiencies
  • Caring for equipment as if you owned it
  • Building long term customer relationships
  • Putting in the time it requires to meet our members expectations
  • Knowing the do’s and don’ts with propane
  • Service, service, SERVICE!

Ken Loerts, Propane Delivery Specialist
12 years at C.E.C.
“The fun part about my job is getting out and about, and never having to stay in the same place.  I’m never doing the same thing, day in and day out.  It’s also great to be able to talk with customers on a regular basis. You really get to have great friendships with the people you serve.”

Propane Service Technician

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Servicing, installing, and repairing propane related accessories and fixtures in a timely and safe manner, for commercial, residential and ag customers, while practicing a high level of friendly customer service.


  • Installation of propane tanks, above and below ground
  • Diagnose and repair heaters, such as LB White, tube heaters or hog house brooders
  • Installation of heaters in customers’ garages or out-buildings
  • Respond to customer emergencies and make necessary corrections
  • Price work orders and create bids
  • Occasionally deliver propane to customer’s homes
  • Attend regular safety and industry training
  • Provide excellent customer service to both first-time customers and long-time members
  • To accurately answer customers’ questions about our services and their options

Brian Rons, Propane Service Tech
3 years at C.E.C.
“I never get bored! There are new challenges every day; one day I’ll be installing LB White heaters in a new hog barn, and the next day I’ll be diagnosing a brooder and working on installing an underground tank for a new customer. I enjoy the variety that comes with my job.”

Refined Fuels Delivery Specialist

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: To meet and exceed members’ and customers’ expectations on a daily basis. To out preform our competition on quality products and service, service, SERVICE.


  • Making gasoline and diesel fuel deliveries to members and customers
  • Keeping selected cardtrols full of gasoline and diesel fuels
  • Handling multiple gasoline and diesel products
  • Receiving customer orders from cell phone and office
  • Routing your own routes to maximize efficiently
  • Record and bill all delivers properly
  • Caring for your truck has if you owned it
  • Working with our members on Lubricant and grease needs
  • Selling Service, Service, Service
  • Putting in the time it requires to meet our members expectations
  • Knowledgeable of the products we sell (Cenex Brand)
  • Building long-term customer relations

Kevin Ommen, Fuel Delivery Specialist
10 years of service
“The part of my career that I love most is that I’ve grown to be my own boss. I know my customers, I know the products they need and I know how to take care of them. I have trusted relationships with my customers and with my supervisor, and that allows me to go out and do the best job that I can do without having to be told how to do it. Freedom is a great reward for hard work.”

Tire Technician

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Providing tire service for cars, trucks, tractors and semi-trailers, in a safe and efficient manner, so that our customers can get back on the road safely.


  • Install, repair, balance, and rotate tires for passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Patch tires, inspect wear patterns, and ensure that tires are correctly inflated and properly replaced on the vehicle
  • Perform specialty tire work, such as studding tires for snow
  • Help customers find the right tires for their vehicles
  • Manage inventory
  • Maintain tire repair equipment
  • Perform on-the-farm service and occasional roadside service
  • Occasionally help customers with other issues they may be having with their vehicle
  • Building customer trust and long-lasting relationships through repeat business

Troy Wollmuth, Tire Technician
6 years at C.E.C.
“The part I like about my job is the people – the people I work for and the new customers I meet every day. We also have awesome benefits that make this job even better.”

Transportation Department

THIS ROLE IN A NUT SHELL: Delivering Refined Fuels and Propane to CEC Bulk Plants and C-Stores, along with direct loads to our customers. In the off season we help other transportation companies deliver their products to other locations.


  • Transporting loads of diesel fuel or propane of 5000 gallons or more
  • Loading products at a Megallan or NuStar terminal
  • Delivering to a specific location
  • Making sure the right product is in the correct tank
  • Recording the measurements of the tank before and after deliver
  • Inspecting the unit for any defects
  • Maintaining Equipment to the highest standards
  • Obeying all traffic laws and following strict safety regulations
  • Following dispatch orders load by load from a senior driver
  • Driving/operating within a 150 mile radius

Brent Dreessen, Transportation Director
3 years at C.E.C.
“Like a lot of the guys who work in one of our trucks, I get to be in charge of my day.  I love hauling and Cooperative Energy is a great company to do it for because the pay and the benefits are better than what most companies can offer.”


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